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Too Busy To Post

Too Busy To Post

Gorgeous new Atelier mood board compiled by our talented friend Glenda at The Paper Mulberry Blogspot


Gorgeous New Atelier Mood Board by The Paper Mulberry

Gorgeous New Atelier Mood Board by The Paper Mulberry

How do you relax?

BathingAccesI’ve recently returned to indulging in a delightful, relaxing long hot bath after years of speed showering! It’s such a marvellous way to unwind at the end of the day!

Our busy lives mean we’re jumping in and out of showers which, don’t get me wrong, have their many merits, but seriously, there is an art to bathing and I am enjoying rediscovering this ancient pastime.

A scented candle, absorbing book to read, delicious bubbles and a glass of whatever you fancy to sip. A locked door is an essential deterent and Ludovico Einaudi (‘Devenire’ is my current favourite) playing at low volume with the promise of a fluffy, warm towel to wrap yourself in at the end of it all.

What’s your perfect way to release stress at the end of the day?


Sitting here in my study, feeling the warmth of long- awaited sunshine on my back and clicking away at Pinterest – what could make me happier I wonder?
Indulging in my dream home. dream wardrobe, dream holiday location, dream birthday present, the list goes on endlessly!
If you’d like to see more of my dreams, you’ll find them here
Have a dreamy weekend!

What inspires you?


Just a very short post on this one. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the number of fantastic design options out there? Do you find that following amazingly talented bloggers, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc helps you with your design choices, or just provides an overwhelming number of equally desirable options? How do you deal with this to focus on a decision? Would love to hear your comments!

Lovely pair of antique terracotta urns by Arabesque Antiques

Spring at Home

Spring at Home

Beautiful miniature vases by Shan Annabelle Valla

Just wanted to show you this scarf that has just arrived. We have a wonderful new toy – a Canon SLR digital camera and just loving dressing up the mannequins and clicking away!

Classic Silk Velvet Scarf £39.95


Heard about Pinterest yet? If not, where have you been hiding? If you have, there’s really no need to read on!

For over a year now, Pinterest has taken up an increasingly large chunk of my leisure time. It’s where I go at the end of a long day after finishing the online chores I do at home. It’s how I relax, but beware! It’s very addictive.

I usually check in to Pinterest fairly late in the day and have a little routine of speed scrolling through that days pins by the lovely pinners I follow, hitting the like button for those I’d like to look at more closely, then repinning these likes slightly more selectively onto my appropriate pinboards.

There are lots of great things about Pinterest. Here are some that I value.

I’ve always been fascinated by the visual and have spent a small fortune since a very young age on magazines to feed this insatiable hunger for images. Pinterest is all about pictures. You choose who you want to follow by looking at their pinboards. By following like-minded people sourcing online images in line with your own style you get to feast on the stuff your dreams are made of every day. You refine who you follow so that you can fine tune the casacade of images crossing your screen. It can be very niche or eclectic – you choose.

Unlike a magazine, this is all for free and unlimited. It will be really interesting to see which ways Pinterest works out making money from the huge investment that they must have made in their infrastructure. Personally, I now don’t have time to read my magazine subscriptions and I wonder whether I’ll need to renew them at the end of the year. I’m getting my fix elsewhere now and don’t get the same thrill when my new monthly mags land on the doormat. I would happily pay a subscription to use Pinterest.

My style is pretty eclectic so it’s great to be able to source and collect a diverse range of images I love all in one place and all neatly filed under headings. You’re able to select specific boards that you follow of a particular person so you can really fine tune the images being fed through to you.

Unlike Twitter or Facebook, you don’t have to think up anything clever or witty to say, so it’s a perfect end of day activity. I do pin under the Atelier name, but I’m very selfish in my interests and do not try to portray a public personna – Pinterest is just for me. I am involved with my boards and passionate about enjoying them and feel real ownership of my ‘style’, even though the images belong to someone else.

Although you don’t set out to make friends on Pinterest, you do get to see who is repinning your pins and whose pins you are most frequently drawn too. I love the idea that there are women all over the world who are drawn to and enjoy the same things as me. I feel an affinity with these women and my admiration for their style is constantly shaping my own. My purchasing habits now extend across the globe and I have also found new products for the store this way.

And yet, there are some in the same line of business who have managed to pin an image or two and left it at that. This I cannot understand! Here’s my Pinterest link